Chocolate Covered Strawberries



  • 1 box of Strawberries
  • White chocolate for drizzling (Optional)
  •  Milk chocolate or dark chocolate 24oz.

Thing’s you’ll need: 

  • Double boiler
  • Ziploc bag or a piping pag
  • Wilton 1 Tip
  • Paper towels to dry
  • Wax paper
  • 1 Sheet pan
  • 2 heat resistant bowls
  • Medium pot
  • 2 Spatulas
  • Cupcake Liners (Optional)


  1. Wash your Strawberries in water and pat them dry by using paper towels until completely dry
  2. Turn on your stove to medium high heat and place your medium pot with water half way filled and add a heat resistant bowl on top and let the water simmer
  3. Add your choice of dark or milk chocolate into the bowl and stir every 30 sec. Until you have a smooth consistency
  4. In a separate bowl melt the white chocolate and pour into a zicloc bag or if you have a pastry bag add the Wilton 1 tip
  5. Grab a strawberry and hold it by it’s stems, dip Once into the chocolate and slowly turn on all sides until completely covered. Tap your hand lightly until excess chocolate is off
  6. Place on the baking sheet along with a sheet of wax paper, for easy removal
  7. Dip and repeat
  8. Place the sheet pan in the refrigerator for about 15 min to harden
  9. Once the strawberries have been in the refrigerator, grab your white chocolate or use the same chocolate you used for the strawberries and repeatedly drizzle the chocolate covered strawberries. There are No rules for this, be creative and try adding a few designs or sprinkles if desired.
  10. You’re done! I hope you had lots of fun doing this easy recipe. Comment down below if you created these and tag me on your social media accounts, tell me how it went. Have a great day! Enjoy




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